Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tucker & Jess Got Engaged!

We are very happy to announce that
on September 25th, Tucker and Jessica Luedeman got engaged!
(This picture was taken at Chancie's wedding a month ago)
Here they are at one of Lincoln's football games this fall.
The date they have chosen to get married is still a year away, but mark your calendars!
November 19th, 2011!

Chancie Becomes Mrs. Aaron Baenen!

On August 28th Chancie became the bride of Aaron Baenen! They got married in Don & Donna's beautiful yard! Was a WONDERFUL day!
That's our girl!

I got to be the photographer! So we have TONS of pictures of the day!

Chancie & Aaron

Under the beautiful arch
The whole wedding party
Our kids!
Our whole family ~ as of that day!

Donna's rooms get a facelift! (Back in March! I'm slow here!)

This is really far behind but I forgot about it till I saw the pics on the computer today!
Preparing their bedroom to paint
Mom started in the closet - I started on the ceiling
The bedroom things got put in the living room!
Their bedroom with the new flooring in and the walls painted!
I helped Mom with the painting and Bryan put the beautiful floors in!
The pretty bathroom all done!
The guest bedroom - my old room - is so warm feeling with it's newly painted golden yellow walls and the wood laminate flooring!
A broader view of the guest bedroom
Then a broad view of their beautiful bedroom as it is all put back together!
Oops! Didn't mean to have this one again! But, it was a job that felt good to get done because the results were so nice!
Then lastly we have the computer room - or Sonja's old room!
It got it's walls painted pretty dark, but it looks great! It also got the wood laminate flooring like the other 2 bedrooms!
Well, that's all for now about the paint & renovations at Mom's house!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grandma Wilma Brink was laid to rest on December 28, 2009

Grandma ~ Wilma Brink ~ 92 years old ~ WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!!
All 19 grandchildren at the funeral ~ sang the song "Love Remains"
The 19 grandchildren
All of the Great and Great great grandchildren that were at the funeral
Again, the greats and great-greats
The 6 kids
The 6 kids and their spouses
Grandma's 3 handsome sons
Grandma's 3 beautiful daughters
The 6 children and their spouses plus a couple cousins

The reception afterwards

The table with Grandma's 3 sisters and some of their families

We all said the final good-bye to Grandma that day ~ but she (along with Grandpa) will live in our hearts forever ~ the BEST grandparents anybody ever had!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Bryan and Sharon had a fabulous time cruising the Caribbean. We're ready to go again---any takers?!! Here are some photos of our wonderful, relaxing vacation. Here we are "up top." We weren't too sure the little life preserver would be much good if someone actually went overboard!!
Hangin' on the Lido Deck.

Beautiful Charlotte Amalie harbor on St. Thomas.

Orient Beach on St. Maarten. (The rock marks the dividing line between the nude beach and the public beach. Yes, we did get an eyeful!!)