Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aloha from the O'Grady's

Megan and Emma at the beach in Waikiki
our fam-bam at a luau
Megan and Emma just being silly! Aloha everyone, and for you newbies welcome to blogspot! Our family has our own blog~ if any one not already in "my circle" has blogs please let me know so i can add you and check on ya'll! We hope you all had a great time this past weekend. We wish we could have been there. Love and miss you all!
Tom, Jenna, Megan and Emma

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy & Excited Girl!

Just had to add this to my list of pics! Cass just called & was so excited! She took her State Boards on Monday, July 21st & just found out today that she passed the test with real good scores! So that is a real relief! (of course I knew she would do good on them, but there is always an anxiety until you find out for sure! And of course I had to use one of her wedding pics to illustrate the news! I'll post other wedding pics one of these days!)

Deb & Molly were at this project for ALOT of the day!!!

The making of the shirts!

EVERYBODY got in there & showed their creativity doing this cool family activity that Molly came up with to create our own new Brink reunion shirts!

Even some of the guys got into making their own shirts! Beau really got into the spirit! Way to go Beau!!!

I think Kieth was having way too much fun racing against Aaron!!! They went at least 3 turns being sure to be in the same 'heat'! You'ld think that would be enough to scare Aaron away wouldn't you?!? No, we kind of like the guy!

And here is the other half of that family! I hear that Alyn was not enjoying her racing - but her pics didn't really show that!

Do you think it looks like these guys were having fun???

Oliviers at the Brink Reunion

Hey! I think I figured it out - all by myself even!!! Here is the Olivier leg that was respresented at the Brink Reunion last weekend.

There is actually a Smith in the picture that has no blood ties to the Brink family - many Smiths do, but not this one! But he was a real sport over the weekend & even had a reunion shirt made to match the rest of us!

we're up and running!

hi... and welcome to our Brink family blog! i will send this out as an email to everyone - with instructions on how to sign in, post pics, blogs, comment... and if you ever have questions just call me @ 605.295.0290 or email me @ anyone that wasn't at the reunion... i will need your address to add you to the permissions so you can post whenever as well! i hope this will keep us all in touch more.... happy blogging! ;o)

i will add more later (make it more colorful*FUN!)... our SD vacation has been extended due to the very unexpected death of one of joels friends.


jari (olivier) spry