Friday, August 29, 2008

Philip was "Capital for a Day"

Look at the nice sign that welcomed the State Staff when they arrived at Philip High School yesterday!
Colby and Dana had a little fun playing some 'game', with the cell phone (after school hours of course! No cell phones allowed during school hours!), some game that is evidently hard to explain - but looked like they were having lots of fun!
Governor Rounds was kind enough to pose for a picture with Colby & we got Dana to stand in too! Thanks Dana! We had a fun day & Colby thought it was pretty cool having you there! Well, I really enjoyed having you there too actually!
This year's All State Chorus members sang the National Anthem at the start of the program & led the audience with the singing of "God Bless America" at the end at Gov. Rounds' request (pictured). Colby is the Philip Alto for All State Chorus this year - how fun! (That will be in Sioux Falls on November 1st!)
At the very end of the evening, Governor Rounds was so kind to pose for a quick photo with some of the kids that met with him earlier in the day for a question & answer period. Wish they all would still have been around (there were 29 of them at the meeting - top 6 or so from each class). But it was very nice to be able to get this picture of at least this many!
It was a very big day for Philip & I think we presented ourselves well. I was the 'photographer for the day' so have many photos to remember the day with!

It has been an extremely busy week and we have our 1st football game tonight & our 1st volleyball game tomorrow night (Miss Colby is SO excited for that!!!), so the weekend doesn't prove to be any slower! (Lincoln had their 1st football game last night - haven't talked to him yet but I heard on the news that they lost - the freshmen are all red-shirting, so stood with the team on the sidelines in their jerseys the way I understood it).
Hopefully by tomorrow though I will give everybody an update on the house - today I have sports buttons to crank out & football t-shirts to sort through - and people to feed at noon...

Have an awesome weekend!!!


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calvin & hobbs said...

wow that's pretty awesome!! and i'm sure it was fun for dana having you all araound too!!! you guys all look great!!! megan say's "colby is sooo pretty"!!! miss you guys ;-(!!!