Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pheasant Season Opener ~ West River Style!

Every year for years now we Smiths host a pheasant season opener hunting day for the Olivier crew. This year proved to be a very fun time by all who attended! Lincoln was able to come home for it as his football team played on Thursday night this week, and Chancie & Aaron got to come & bring Aaron's Dad with them, whom we all really enjoyed the company of!
Tucker's faithful dog 'Buddy' proved he was a very good 'bird dog' throughout the day so here he is by the day's bounty!
I was gone with Colby to a volleyball tourney (they came in 2nd - did very well!) until the time this was in the beautiful sky - so we missed out on the hunting day, but Chancie & Mom kept the masses fed & Mom captured the photo opportunities here so we have them for posterity! Great job Donna!!! We did get to share the evening & supper with those that were still here to eat at the end of the day - so got to hear the stories. A couple of Lincoln's buddies came over to join in on the hunting fun too so that was even better!
It's been a good day!

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