Friday, June 26, 2009

Have you all heard the news?!?

Just wanted to be sure the word is out to everybody that Chancie & Aaron Baennen got engaged on June 13th! The date to keep open is still 13 months away - but the
wedding is set for August 28, 2010
We are happy to have Aaron as a future son-in-law. Most of you have met Aaron, as he was at Austin & Sarah's wedding with Chancie (that was also when we met him for the first time!) and then again at Cassidy & Luke's wedding, Lincoln's graduation... he hit alot of big family gatherings at the beginning of their relationship! And he still stuck around! HA!
So now all the planning can begin - she is starting to get to all of that & I'm sure will have a real good time doing it!
Anyway, just wanted you all to know about the engagement & upcoming wedding!

Oh, and it's only 3 weeks until our first grandbaby is due to arrive!!!
Cassidy has been doing just awesome & she & Luke are very anxious now to meet their little one!
(Wow! That color changing every other word was a lot of work!!!)

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